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What are your applications?

The Metaltech approach to your specific requirement is based on 32 years of listening, understanding and delivering the right technical solution to you.
This gives you confidence and peace of mind that you have the right economic solution from a team with proven track record and expertise.

For many buyers of outsourced parts we undertake several processes, such as; Source Material; Heat Treatments; NDT Test and Machine Complete.
The reason we do this is to shorten your supply chain or reduce the number of  suppliers you have to deal with – ultimately reducing your stress and hassle through a single point of contact.

At Metaltech we have developed expertise in certain applications and industries and have built an enviable reputation.
We produce:

A dedicated shaft cell caters for all sizes of shaft work up to 1 metre in length and 200 mm diameter.
CNC Turning:
4 CNC Turning Machines
3 CNC Cylindrical Grinders and Machining Centres backed by Laser and Tesa-Scan non-contact measurement systems ensure consistent quality of product. 
Hobbing and Gear Shaping supplement and enhance the shaft section.

Pump chambers; gear housings; gearboxes; covers; seal retainers; bi-lobe, tri-lobe and multi-lobe rotors; shafts; hard-coated sleeves; pressure relief valves; sight glasses; non-return valves; flanges; assemblies and sub-assemblies in various materials, including stainless 316L, 304, 303, hastelloy, duplex, 17.4ph and all carbon steels.

From as simple as Hydraulic Manifolds to as complicated as Cylinder Heads for racing cars, high pressure crankcases, headstocks for wood lathes, pistons, electric motor housings in aluminium, cast iron, stainless steels.

Intricate high quality components for the Aerospace, Turbine, Defence and Telecommunications, up to a maximum envelope of 2000 x 400 mm

Oil & Gas
Precision machining in exotic materials: monel 500, inconel, hastelloy, 319, 329 stainless.

CNC Machining Centres
2  x 4 Axis Twin Pallet  630 mm cube
5  x 4 Axis Twin Pallet  500 mm cube
1  x 4 Axis Twelve Pallet  300 mm cube
All with full ‘B’ Axis
Section backed with full CNC CMM In-process Inspection

5  with full ‘A’ Axis

CNC Turning Centres
9 machines with capacities up to 600 mm diameter x 1500 mm between centres

VERTICAL BORING 1000 mm x 1000 mm diameter/height

CNC Grinding
3 full CNC machines with probing and in-process gauging, non-contact laser and Tesa scan measurement.  Maximum capacity 1000 x 200 mm diameter.

SURFACE GRINDING 1000 mm x 300 mm

Sub Assembly
Source and supply materials; treat; paint; welding; heat treatments; material tests; fully machined and assembled to specifications and drawings.  Inspection procedures and written instructions.

Approved to International Standards.  The Quality Department has the commitment and resources to pursue continuous improvement in product quality, on-time delivery and ultimate customer satisfaction.